I Know That I Am His Side Chick A Lament From The Other Woman


Ballerific Relationships: Baggage Claim

What does a side chick do?

A side chick’s main responsibility is to keep things fun and exciting. Giving him short answers and acting uninterested will make him hit you with the “I’m going to go do _____” or “Talk to you later.” If you decide to text him first, substance is needed, doing the whole “Hey” or “What’s up?” = SMFH.

Side chicks are poor and of shade and are therefore seen as thirsty, grimy, low down, gold-digging whores who actively pursue someone else’s man. I do not consider any wife ought to be responding to something with a side chick.

Granted, the fictional Olivia Pope is another story. I imagine there is a race and sophistication evaluation lacking from the slut-shaming narrative hooked up to women of colour who discover themselves (knowingly and/or unknowingly) sharing a person. The cultural dynamic is damning—and so is the language. We use language and naming to punish, shame and denigrate black women who discover themselves in their emotions over a person who isn’t in his emotions over her.

I might go on and on about this because girls are very catty and have a tendency to act as if their spouses are the ones being lured and never the ones doing the luring. As women we tend to talk a lot about ourselves, our issues and what we anticipate out of your companions with out giving them an opportunity to get a word in. Men usually are not troublesome to determine and will give you the solutions to the questions you could have should you simply LISTEN. Men is probably not extremely vocal about their feelings, but there are occasions after they wish to communicate and have someone to take heed to them sincerely without judgement or constant rebuttal.


How do you know if he’s texting another girl?

Signs He’s Talking to Another Girl 1. He acts super protective with his phone.
2. He randomly stops talking to you and acts flaky.
3. He is always texting someone when you’re together.
4. He gets shifty when asked certain questions.
5. Confront him.
6. Make it clear that you do not tolerate being lied to.
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How can a married man be a good side chick?

12 Tips to Be A Good Side Chick 1. Do not fall in love. This is the numero uno rule.
2. Know your position. You are the side chick and not the main woman in his life.
3. Always be discreet.
4. Do not stalk him.
5. Do not ask for money.
6. Do not get pregnant on the sly.
7. Do not cut yourself off.
8. Always dress to kill.
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  • But rattling if y’all only knew the bull shit that comes with that lol.
  • I get that I’m going to get the criticism from half the people who are truly disgusted or half that be serious about doing and pretending like they don’t or those who are doing it and preserving it on the down low.
  • My approach to vent with out getting specific and detailed oriented with giving you guys an inside on why I really feel my life is a cleaning soap opera with out the music.
  • Give y’all an insight on the naughty aspect chick.

I’m a firm believer in people addressing the source. Wives are married to their husbands, not to one other girl on the market, and in some unspecified time in the future the husband would have allowed someone else into their sacred area and must be held accountable.

I’ve dated my child daddy for almost 5 years, however via the years I was the only one working. Last 12 months I met a married man and he made me see love differently. He never made me really feel like I’m the side chick.

How do you walk away from someone you love?

Make a list of everything that you can think of that is making you walk away from the person that you love. Keep that list close and refer to it when you are missing him. You left this relationship for a reason. Keep those reasons in mind daily going forward.

A Lament From The Other Woman

Compromise is critical for any contract to work. Make the time to be in full communion along with your associate. No phones, no tablets, no phone calls, no social media. Just time along with your partner doing no matter it’s you both take pleasure in together.

Once Upon A Time, When You Were A Side Chick

Gist on telephone with associates in regards to the party lasted way into the evening. I leant that though nobody knew when the relationship began, Niyi went public with Shade about five years earlier. She has two youngsters from a failed relationship and has not been able to have any for Niyi, unlike her friend who’d had a child for our household friend.

However, I admit that many instances I’ve wondered what it would be wish to keep such a steamy secret. I questioned if the aspect ever felt jealous of the primary illicit encounters reviews or did she find consolation in being the excitement to another lady’s man. A few of my girlfriends are a bit extra freethinking than I am within the love department.